Dark Place

Blvck Exodus i'snt just about transitioning from darkness, but the embracement of it as well. For some that dark place may be where you develop your talent, a new business or skill privately before exposing it to the world. 

For others it may be coming out a rut, transitioning from your unfufilling 9 to 5 into entrepreneurship or just becoming healthy and meeting that fitness goal.
Often times the journey we take can be dark, stormy and full of detours. But when we're able to use what appear to be bad and turn it into something good. Only then will we see the lightning bolt in the night storm not as a danger but rather a source of light illuminating our path. 
Learning to enjoy the journey just as much as the destination is key. Even if that means taking the first step when we can't see the steps. Darkness Is a opportunity for growth depending on our perspective.
Whenever you're in need of some positive words of encouragement check out this video on overcoming that Dark Place. 
Click Here to watch 

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