3 Tips for Breaking Out of Your Fashion Comfort Zone


Remember the feeling of squeezing into those "perfect" jeans, only to realize they left you feeling restricted and uncomfortable?  Well, your personal style shouldn't feel the same way.


Often, the biggest obstacle to discovering our signature style is staying stuck in a comfort zone.  We wear what's familiar, what feels safe. 

True style happens when we dare to step outside those boundaries and ask ourselves these 3 key questions:

  • What makes me feel confident? Is it a bold color or a specific silhouette?

  • What inspires me? Maybe it's a vintage aesthetic or a modern street style icon.

  • What story do I want my clothes to tell? Do I want to project an air of power, creativity, or comfort?


This week, challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone. Here are a few ideas:

  • Raid a friend's closet: Borrow an item you wouldn't normally wear and see how you can style it into your own look.

  • Hit the thrift store: Vintage treasures can add a unique touch and a story to your outfit.

  • Embrace a new color: Pick a color outside your comfort zone and experiment with how to incorporate it into your wardrobe.


Remember, the key is to have fun and embrace the journey of self-discovery. There are no fashion mistakes, just opportunities to learn and express yourself in exciting new ways. Be sure to pair your new item with any of your Blvck Exodus pieces we can’t wait to see it!


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